Armin Theophil Wegner
(October 16, 1886 - May 17, 1978) was a German human
rights activist. Wegner was a witness to the Armenian
Genocide and actively spoke out against it. He has been
recognized by several German, Armenian and Jewish
organizations for his vocal resistance to some of the worst
atrocities of the 20th century, as well as his activism in the
name of human rights. In 1956 Wegner was awarded the
Highest Order of Merit by the Federal German government.

Painting Analysis by Christopher Kassabian, student at
Texas A&M University:
This painting showcases the mental hardship faced by a
young Wegner as he witnessed genocide during his time
with the German Sanitary Corps. The colors are vivid,
perhaps representing Anatolia, or perhaps memories from
that experience. His eyes are wide open, signifying his
incredible importance as an observer and witness to what
unfolded before him.