Claus Philipp Maria, Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg,
(November 15, 1907 - July 21, 1944), was a German army
officer and aristocrat. He was one of the leading figures in
Operation Valkyrie, a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler and
remove the NSDAP from power. After the plot had failed on
July 20th,1944, he was executed for his involvement in the
German Resistance movement within the Wehrmacht.

Painting Analysis by Anaisa Arzola, student at Texas
A&M University:
Although this was only one of the several attempts against
Hitler's life, Stauffenberg's courage was one of the flames
that lit the torch towards resistance and hope. This painting
reflects his determination, as he stands straight and tall in
his uniform and looks at you through the painting. When
others have given up, there are still some that try to fight
for the better, although they may not always succeed. It is
this example of determination, a glimmer of hope when times
are rough, that matters and inspires others. This incredibly
risky plan caused Stauffenberg to be executed; however,
he will continue to be regarded as a hero that gave it all for
the hope of a better nation.