Dietrich Bonhoeffer
(February 4, 1906 - April 9, 1945) was a Lutheran pastor,
widely known for his vocal opposition to Hitler and his
ardent stance against Nazi dictatorship. A well-known
theologian of the time, Dietrich Bonhöffer possessed a
spirituality and intellect that greatly influenced his writings.
Bonhöffer was hanged in April 1945. His legacy remained as
a guiding light and source of encouragement to the anti-
nazi resistance movement.

Painting Analysis by Emily Main, student at Texas A&M
The paintings depicted by Robert Schiffhauer of Dietrich
Bonhoeffer show him looking optimistically into the distance
and holding a book. Perhaps it is a bible that he's holding
and it represents how his spirituality was the source of his
reasoning behind beliefs and writings. The light that seems
to shine behind him symbolizes the light he brought to the
world regarding the anti-Nazi resistance movement. All of
the paintings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer show him with a solemn
face, however the light in his eyes suggests that he is
thinking of ways to change the world. The way Schiffhauer
painted his artwork with long strokes and bold lines makes
the paintings come alive and bring a realness to the work.