Johannes Lepsius
(December 15, 1858 - February 3, 1926) was a well-known
German theologian, missionar and humanist who provided a
source of information and resources regarding  the Armenian
genocide. Without his accomplishments many unseen
horrors and effects of the atrocities the Armenians endured
and suffered would have gone unnoticed. Lepsius’s work
aided in the documentation of genocide, and brought the
issue to the public.

Painting Analysis by Emily Main, student at Texas A&M
The bold cross on the middle of Lepsius’ forehead was
painted to show a strong relationship between Lepsius and
his religion. As Lepsius was a Protestant Missionary, he
defied the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire. The
bow tie in the picture is Lepsius’ personal symbol because
he is seen wearing a bow tie occasionally in other pictures
of himself. The background colors and lines seem to echo
the front colors and lines. This draws a parallel line to one
of Lepsius’ quotes about history repeating itself: "The
most reliable historical basis for written history in future...
salvation of Germany's honour which comes off well."