Raphael Lemkin
(June 24, 1900 - August 28, 1959) was a Polish-Jewish
lawyer who worked towards an international law against
genocide.  The historical attacks of the Ottomans against
the Armenians influenced his beliefs for the need of legal
protection for  groups. Thanks to his efforts, the United
Nations approved the Convention on the Prevention and
Punishment of Genocide in 1948. 

Painting Analysisby Justin Emmons & Annie Henley,
students at Texas A&M University:
Raphael Lemkin appears to be serious and determined.
Perhaps this is what Lemkin looked like when he lobbied the
UN to add genocide to international law. The orange and
yellow colors of his face represent the light he was shining
on the previously unrecognized crime of genocide. It also
represents a fiery passion and life devotion. Lemkin is
looking out at an angle, in the direction of the future, where
people may no longer live with threats of genocide.